Historical Society Publications List
Revised October 21, 1998

No. Name Qty Each S&H Total
1 A Pictorial Guide to the Historic Buildings of Bridgeton, NJ
Architectural drawings for this and the following guides were made by Robert Watson, A.I.A.
  .75 .40 1.15
2 A Pictorial Guide to Historic Buildings of Mauricetown, NJ
Architectural sketches of the dwellings in this village.
  .75 .40 1.15
3 A Pictorial Guide to Historic Greenwich, NJ
Architectural sketches of buildings on Ye Greate Street in the "Tea Burning Town".
  .75 .40 1.15
4 A Collectors Item
A facsimile excerpt from The Pennsylvania Packet giving the reports of the Greenwich Tea Burning as it appeared in the January 1775 edition of the Paper and which was simultaneously published by two other Philadelphia newspapers.
  1.00 .50 1.50
5 Ringing Through History
Charles Scarani -- 8 pp.
A brief history of Cumberland County's Liberty Bell, telling of its location and events of interest concerning it.
  2.00 1.00 3.00
6 The Old Stone Tavern
Sarah W. R. Ewing (1967) -- 28 pp. Illus.
A description of the stone tavern an its use as a place in which court was held when Greenwich was an important shipping center.
  1.00 .50 1.50
7 Greenwich on the Creek
Grace Watson Ewing -- 4 pp.
The description of an early farm.  The history of Greate Street and the burning of the British tea on December 22, 1774.
  1.00 .50 1.50
8 Tales Retold
Sarah Sheppard Hancock -- 8 pp.
Stories about early schools conducted in the homes of Quakers: development of schools during the mid 19th century.
  2.00 .50 2.50
9 The Unalactigo of New Jersey - Available Online!
Anne S. Woodruff & F. Alan Palmer (1973) -- 33 pp. 20 illus.
An introduction to those Indians of southern New Jersey whose personal possessions now form the collection accumulated during the lifetime of George J. Woodruff and which is now on display in the Woodruff Museum of the Bridgeton Public Library.
  3.00 1.00 4.00
10 Early Shipbuilding, Particularly in South Jersey
Ruth Cook Brown (1961) -- 12 pp. 3 illus.
History of early shipbuilding with description of shipyards, oyster schooners, and other launchings.
  3.95 1.00 4.95
11 This is Colonial Greenwich
Josephine Polizzi (1973) -- 18 pp. 19 illus.
Reproductions of posters made by Greenwich school children and historic facts assembled by their teacher.
  1.50 .75 2.25
12 Tastes & Tales from Greenwich Friends
Recipes collected by the Greenwich Friends Meeting.
  10.00 2.00 12.00
13 Greenwich Hospitality
Favorite recipes submitted by members of the Cumberland County Historical Society.
  2.00 .75 1.75
14 New Jersey Centennial tea party Held in Trenton February 1984
(reprint) 30 pp.
An account of the "tea party" held to reaise funds for the 1876 centennial celebration.
  1.00 .75 1.75
15 Story of Greenwich - Available Online!
Sarah Sheppard Hancock -- 3 pp.
An abbreviated history of Greenwich with special note of "firsts" for this historic village on the banks of the Cohansey River.
  1.00 .50 1.50
16 Tea Burning Town
Joseph S. Sicker (1940) -- 125 pp. 54 illus.
An illustrated history of Greenwich, NJ.  Reprinted by the Cumberland County Historical Society in 1973.
  8.95 1.25 10.20
17 The Gibbons: Nicholas and Leonard
Palmer (1981) -- 44 pp. Illustrated
The story of the brother who in 1728 inherited 6000 acres of land.  With emphasis on the house built by Nicholas in 1730 which is now the headquarters of the Historical Society.
  6.00 1.00 7.00
18 Matthew Potter -- His Tavern and the Plain Dealer
8 pp.
A description of the innkeeper and New Jersey's first newspaper which had been posted in his tavern.
  1.50 .75 2.25
19 The Military Journal of George Ewing 1775-1778
The experiences of a member of a prominent Greenwich family.
  3.50 .75 4.25
20 History of Salem NJ
Robert Gibbon-Johnson -- 173 pp.
The first settlement of Salem in West Jersey by John Fenwick esq.  Covering a period of 150 years.  Printed in 1830.  Reprinted in 1991 -- paperback.
  9.00 1.00 10.00
21 The Cumberland Story -- A Brief History of Cumberland County, NJ
25 pp. Illus.
A comprehensive, yet compact, account of the land, the people, industries, cities and towns of the county from the 17th until the late 19th century.
  2.00 .75 2.75
22 The Ware Chairmakers
Sara Charlisle Watson -- 119 pp. Illus.
The story of six generations of the Ware Family who made rush seated chairs in Cumberland County from 1790 until 1938.  Limited Edition.  Hardback.
  17.00 2.00 19.00
23 Tea Burning on Market Square
Cushing & Sheppard (1883)
This description of the Tea Burning was extracted from The History of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties, New Jersey.
  1.00 .34 1.34
24 Grandfather's Farm
Mary Patterson Moore -- Edited by F. A. Palmer (1981) 16 pp.
Late 18th century life and customs in Cumberland County as dictated by the author when she was 82 years of age.  A unique example of oral history.
  3.00 .75 3.75
25 Tea Burners of Cumberland County who Burned a Cargo of Tea at Greenwich, NJ
Frank D. Andrews (1908) -- 41 pp. 2 illus. Reprint.
An account of the tea burning with brief biographical sketches of 23 of the men who participated in destroying the tea.
  3.00 1.00 4.00
26 Autobiography of Thomas Harris of Fairfield
In addition to listing the members of his family, Thomas Harris describes his very unusual experiences during a brief military service in the Revolution.
  4.00 1.00 5.00
27 The Beloved Cohansie of Phillip Vickers Fithian
Previously unpublished portions of the 18th century journal of a young man describing his father's farm in Greenwich and his preparations for a career as a Presbyterian minister.  Limited edition --1990.
Paperback Price
Hardback Price
28 This Place Called Home
F. Alam Palmer -- (1985) 203 pp.
Profusely illustrated -- a history of Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County NJ.  Includes map of Deerfield Twp. which in 1922 was partitioned to form "Upper Deerfield".  Hardback
  12.95 2.00 14.95
29 The History of the Name "Ship John"
Donna Meyers (1996) -- 24 pp. 2 illus.
Local shipwreck in 1797.
  7.00 1.00 8.00
30 Christmas in the Woods
Dallas Lore Sharp, a local naturalist (1908) -- 30 pp. 2 illus.
Attractive red and green cover.  Hardback.
  8.00 2.00 10.00

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