Viewing the Archived Documents


he digitized documents found within the Cumberland County Historical Society's Virtual Library have been formatted into the following file types:
Type What is it? How do I view it?
JPG Joint Photographic Expert Group: Common file for transferring images across the Internet.  This file type benefits from high image quality and smaller download size due to compression. This type will open "inline" with your web browser.  No special viewing action needed.
TIF Tagged Image File: A higher quality file representing the exact copy of the document.  Although this type has the highest quality, it is not compressed, resulting in a large download size. Choosing this file type will prompt you to download the image to your hard drive so it can be later opened using any graphics program, such as Microsoft Photo Editor, or any equivalent viewer.  If you choose to "Open" the file rather than "Save", your browser will attempt to display the file.  If this does not work, use the "Save" option to download to your hard drive.
PDF Portable Document Format:  This special format features a high quality and compressed image size (similar to JPG), and also includes searchable text. This type requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (4 or higher), a special "plug-in"  that needs to be installed on your system.  To download this program, please click on this icon: